Launch Internship Program
Apply to Launch
1) Apply online.
Our 3-step application process starts with a straightforward, online written application. Applications are currently closed. Be the first to know when they open!
2) Get asked back to the second stage.
After our team reviews your written application, you may be invited to complete a Skills Challenge, the second step in the Launch application process. A Skills Challenge is a hands-on project you'll complete on your own in a one week timeframe.

Skills Challenges are specific to the Launch track you're applying for. They will encourage you to use some given resources and your own research to actually create something related to the skill track you're applying to. This portion of the application process also involves responding to a few short email prompts. Overall, this is our way of seeing how you tackle problems, if you can self-teach a little bit, and if you can communicate clearly and professionally.
3) Get called back for an interview.
The last stage of the Launch application process is an interview. For all Launch 2022 applicants, these interviews will happen over Zoom.

If you get asked back to an interview after the Skills Challenge round, we'll send you a link to sign up for an interview slot. Again, all interviews will be held over Zoom this year, and you'll interview with at least 2 Launch team members.
4) Receive acceptance & submit deposit.
If you're accepted to the program, congratulations! We'll send you an email with your offer of acceptance and more information about next steps.

The most immediate next step will be to sign up for an online orientation session. Orientation will let accepted students learn more about the details of the program, ask questions, start to get to know one another, and meet some of the program instructors. After orientation, next steps include signing a contract and submitting a deposit to confirm your place in the program. Deposits are refundable should a student ultimately not secure an internship through the Launch program.

This year, accepting a spot in the Launch program is non-binding until you have secured an internship with one of our company partners. Read more about the internship matching process on the FAQ page - it's an important part of the program!

If you have questions before you apply, many common questions are answered on our FAQ page. If you don't see your question answered there, feel free to email our team at Thanks!