Launch Internship Program
The Launch Process
Here's how it all works.
1) Learn more about us and the track you're interested in.
Learning the skills and getting the experience you need for a future career can be challenging. Maybe your classes aren't teaching what you actually need to know to apply for that first internship, or maybe the job you're eyeing requires previous experience you don't have yet. Maybe you don't know where to even begin learning about something like data science or digital marketing, let alone finding an internship in that field.
We help navigate these roadblocks by finding meaningful internships at cool companies, helping you polish your soft skills and prepare for interviews, and training you in-depth in your skill area before internships begin.

This unique combination lets you gain the skills and confidence to follow your own path and reach your goals. Not to mention, Launch interns typically walk away from the summer with $3,250 on average after taxes and tuition.
2) Apply to Launch
Our 3-step application process starts with a straightforward, written application. Applications are currently closed. Be the first to know when they open!

Here are a few of our insider tips before you apply: we look for people who are genuinely interested in digging into the skills for the track they're applying for. We love working with passionate people who are hungry to learn more and are comfortable with being challenged.
We also look for people who are curious, respectful, positive, open minded, team-players, go-getters, and self-starters. If this sounds even a little like you, we can't wait to see your application!
3) Learn how to be a stand-out applying to any job.
After you've been accepted, you'll start training for a few hours a week during the school year in our Countdown program. In the first part of Countdown, you'll improve your soft skills in workshops designed to help you polish your resume and LinkedIn, learn how to kick ass at interviewing, improve your email writing and professional communication, and more. All of this will help you stand out to companies during the Launch internship matching process and for future jobs or internships.
Part two of Countdown kicks off in the spring semester. You'll start working with your instructors to begin learning the technical skills you need to know before taking the deeper dive in summer skills training.
4) Access our exclusive internship opportunities.
We don't partner with just any company. Our team spends hundreds of hours finding and getting to know our company partners. We make sure each one is ready to work with interns and provide real, meaningful internship projects.

We collaborate with our partners to create an in-depth profile on each internship opportunity that answers everything you want to know about a company and a role up-front. The profiles detail information about the company, internship role, leadership, workplace culture and values, and more. Students consistently tell us these are incredibly helpful when evaluating opportunities and are unlike any job postings they've seen before.

The earlier you apply to Launch, the earlier you'll start seeing internship opportunities. Opportunities will start to come in and go live mid-fall semester and the matching process will continue running through the spring semester. You'll submit interest in the opportunities that stand out to you, and then companies will review and interview interested candidates before making selections.
5) Jump into summer training.
Summer training is an immersive, challenging, and fun experience that feels nothing like being in a traditional classroom. You'll work alongside passionate peers in a dynamic learning environment. Launch training is a mixture of lectures from your instructors, hands-on group projects, presentations, and individual assignments all designed to let you actually build functional software, create designs with a real customer in mind, plan a marketing campaign, or work with real, relevant data and present your findings.
Summer training kicks off on Monday, May 23rd and runs for 3 weeks, full-time. Training hours are 8:30am-5:30pm Monday-Friday.
6) Go rock your internship.
When summer training wraps up you'll move right into your internship. You'll be prepared to work on real projects to help execute your company's goals — most of our companies tell us they give our interns work they'd normally give to a full-time, entry level employee. Wherever you intern, you'll get the chance to lock in the skills you practiced in training, continue learning on the job, and expand your professional network.
Many of our company partners are based in Charlottesville, New York City, or Washington DC/NOVA. Other cities include places like San Francisco, CA, Richmond, VA, Newark, NJ, Atlanta, GA, Denver, CO, Dallas, TX and more! Both in-person and remote internships are available through the program, depending on each company's preference.

You'll also get paid for your time over the summer. Internships pay $20-25/hour, or $7,200-9,000 for a nine week internship. After taxes and tuition, the average Launch student walks away with $3,250. Those high rates are because companies know you'll come trained and prepared to make an impact on day one. And you'll always know exactly how much you'll earn before you apply to a given Launch internship, unlike typical job postings. Read more about payment and tuition here.
7) After your internship, you'll be ready to:
    1. Apply for your next internship or job with an experience-filled resume
    2. Pick up freelancing jobs with your new skills
    3. Stay on part-time with your company (this is company dependent – historically, about half of past interns have received a part-time offer for the school year after their internship concludes)
    4. Take on a leadership role at Forge or join the Launch leadership team
    5. Start your own side-hustle or passion project
    6. Tackle a different track of Launch the next summer
    Our Hiring Partners
    If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please feel free to write us.